King James IV Final

7 May

King James IV Final6

In painting King James in his final image I was trying to explore putting my characters in scenarios or scenes in which they were not just sitting on a white screen in a T-pose or something similar. After researching about James IV I feel he was portrayed as being a bit of a poof in the simplest sense of words. I didn’t want this due to the mechanics that this king was Guido’s main enemy and one of the main strings of the plot. To depict King James as a stronger more fierce opponent I made him much younger than what I originally was going to design him. I used lots of reds due to the idea of fire, strength and power, I also pictured the king in his full armour walking towards the camera in a very defiant or determined way. The soldiers behind are to indicate his power and influence over others. For reference I used an image of people walking forward and then painting over the top. I feel I have got the cloth slightly wrong in where the legs would actually be influencing it but its not a major thing.

One thing I actually remastered was the armour, at first it was extremely shiny and didnt suit the natural light the room conveyed, I later dulled it down and detailed the armour more, I feel some materials I work with are improving and metal is especially becoming a lot easier to render.


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